EcoEffort Programs:
The EcoEffort Programs include educational material, contest kits and Website support. They can be put into place at your Home, Workplace or School. They include:
EcoEffort Posters
Resource Booklets
EcoEffort Stickers Swag (Mugs, T-Shirts etc.)

These tools are designed to help you implement EcoEffort programs. Email and phone support will also be available. The premise is simple: Introduce the EcoEffort Programs and help save the planet one effort at a time.
Recycling Aluminum Cans: Teams are created within the School and each team is to collect as many aluminum cans as they can. The team that has the largest collection (by weight) Wins! Contest leaders decide what prizes are awarded from the swag package provided.
Plant the Planet: Planting trees or garden plants help ensure our ecosystem works properly. At School, there are many fun ways to plant the planet. Indoors and outside, depending on your building. This contest involves planting and growing plants. Group leaders select the type of planting that will take place and teams or individuals compete to grow and care for the plants.
T-Shirt Shopping Bags Collecting: Teams collect and recycle these shopping bags and compete for prizes. The amount of these bags polluting the planet is enormous. With a little effort and incentive, we can properly recycle these bags and have fun too.

More information on contest will be posted here soon.
If you would like to start a EcoEffort Contest or Fundraising event, please Email or call 213-800-3284 for details.
More about our Programs will be posted here soon. Several are in development and will be ready for testing in the before Earthday, 2017.


» Recycling «
Recycle Aluminum: Save your aluminum item and return them to a Recycling Center in your area. Facts about Aluminum
Recycle Other Metals: Lots of other metals are recyclable. has more info.
Recycle Plastics: Not all Plastics are safe to recycle. has the facts and has the list.
Recycle Papers: Many paper products are recyclable. Check out for the list.
Recycle Clothing: With so many people in the world without good clothing, recycing it is our duty. Visit and find a location near you.
Recycle Glass: The world has a lot of glass sitting around. Visit and find out where to recycle yours.
Recycle Batteries: Here are some facts about Batteries you might not have known. on Batteries
Recycle Motor Oil:
Recycle Toner Cartridges:
Recycle Shopping Bags:
Recycle Tires:
Recycle Electronics:
Recycle Vehicle Parts:
Recycle Wood:
Recycle Carpeting:
Recycle Gardening Waste:
Recycle Building Materials:
Recycle Cardboard:
Recycle Rubber:
Recycle Christmas Trees:
» Waste Reduction «
Use Recycled Products:
Use Green Products:
Reuse Nonrecyclables:
Use Rechargeable Batteries:
Never use Styrofoam:
Use your own Coffee Cups:
Share magazines and newspapers:
Research and Study Online:
Sell/Donate Used Items:
Buy items in bulk:
Use Cloth Diapers:
Hand down Clothing:
Use Cloth Towels:
Wrap Gifts in Recyclable Paper:
Print on Both sides of Paper:
Use Email:
Reuse Holiday Decorations and Wrapings:
Smart Composting:
Avoid or Reduce Dry Cleaning:
Repair or Upgrade Electronics:
» Transportation «
Drive Eco Friendly Cars:
Ride Share (Carpool):
Buy Used Tires:
Keep your Vehicle Tuned Up:
Avoid Heavy Traffic:
Donate Vehicles:
Ride your Bike:
Walk More:
Take Group Trips:
Ride Public Transportation:
» Water «
Use LowFlow Water Products:
Don’t use Watering Timers:
Reclaim rain water:
Help clean Rivers and Streams:
Repair Dripping Faucets:
Use Water Efficient Appliances:
Don’t use Sink Disposals:
Sweep instead Hosing:
Report Water Wasting: » Earth «
Plant Trees:
Help clean Roadsides:
Help clean Parks:
Help clean Beaches:
Donate to Conservation Groups:
Plan an Eco Vacatio:
Learn About Our Ecosystem:
Use Ozone Friendly Products:
Adopt a Pet:
Green Investing:

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