The EcoWeek Challenge

The EcoWeek Challenge: A 7-day plan designed by DrewBuzzMedia, for to help integrate planet saving ideas into your day-to-day routines.

Try the EcoWeek Challenge
Its easy and Fun! Read the list of days below. And give it a Week or two. See how well you do.

  • Monday: My Free Day. Here is your Free day. Take care of all your other worries. Have a Great day!
  • Tuesday: Ride Share Day. Get or Give a Ride to work. Its easy and Fun. Just one day a week.
  • Wednesday: Recycling Day. You have Recycled all week. Today’s your day to turn it in and get your reward!
  • Thursday: Lose a Vice Day. We all have a Vice or two. Give it up just today. You will be glad you did!
  • Friday: 5 Minute Friday. Take a 5 Minute Shower. With a little planning, you can save 25 gallons of water!
  • Saturday: Keep it Parked Day. Shop Online, Take a Bus to the Park, or just stay home. Keep your car Parked!
  • Sunday: Plant the Planet Day. Use today to help the Planet. Indoors or outdoors., planting is a lot of Fun!

The EcoWeek Challenge comes with printable posters that can be uses in the home, workplace or school. These daily ideas are practical and allow busy yet conscientious individuals to make useful efforts to save our planet.

Printed materials will be available for download on Earthday, 2018.  Check back for more updates on the EcoWeek Challenge .

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